Trittico is structured to provide professional services ranging from technical consultancy aimed at the operational development of projects, with functional and technical analyzes, to strategic architectural consultancy.

TRITTICO: specialists in HSM, particularly in applications related to payment systems and blockchains. Integration, configuration, solution development.

This allows us to support our customers in the following areas:

Preparation of PCI / VISA audits in the e-money sector: PCI-DSS, PCI PIN, PCI CP, ISO, Consorzio Bancomat etc .;

technical advice on how to manage, generate, exchange keys in a secure way; process consultancy for the management, generation and assignment of keys, reviewing or completing the drafting of key management and key ceremony procedures in line with international requirements;

supply of ad hoc software for the management of keys and PINs of cards, which comply with the security criteria required in inspections.

Support in the definition and implementation of remediation plans in the field of e-money and key management: updating of corporate processes and documentation, technical analysis and review of cryptographic security and key management procedures.

Design of specific projects that include IT security and the use of cryptographic techniques. One of the recent examples is the analysis and design of the key management component of a smartphone payment system, HCE – Host Card Emulation, for one of the major Italian companies in the payment sector.

Supporto al key management per aziende bancarie, interbancarie e operanti nel settore blockchain.

Support for national and international payment card issuing projects.

Resolution of technical problems concerning the hardware devices and software that use them, analysis down to the level of the single byte that makes up the authorization messages for banking transactions; possibility of replicating errors in our equipped laboratories.

Preparation through special courses of the custodians of bank security keys.

Training through special courses of the managerial staff on the principles of digital security, allowing them to better know how the devices operate and therefore to make the considered choice.

Support in the selection, installation, configuration and maintenance of HSM hardware devices.

In these areas we support the major Italian banks, interbank companies and payment processors.

The in-depth knowledge of cryptographic equipment derives from the software development skills interfaced with them and from the partnership with Thales, which makes use of our collaboration for the definition of the commands present in the devices used by the entire Italian banking system.

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